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The endorsed candidates or referendums listed below are local endorsements made by local union members at their Area Labor Federations. Local labor federations strive for only the best leaders in their communities. Civic engagement and public education create opportunities for people to be their very best and only those who support Labor and their priorities are chosen to be endorsed. Voting is the key function of a democratic society and we encourage all people to vote on Tuesday, November 7th or earlier at the polls or by absentee ballot.

Endorsed by Western Iowa Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

City Council - Council Bluffs

Jill Shudak

Jill Shudack

Committed to making Council Bluffs a better place to live, learn, and work.

Experienced with reviewing policies and approved budgets as a member of the Board of Education.

Dedicated to working with community partners to address the many challenges in our city.

A voice for every citizen in the community.

City Council - Council Bluffs

Kimberly Kolakowski

Kimberly Kolakowski

I’m running for Council Bluffs City Council in 2023.

City Council - Fort Dodge

Scott Davis
Active Member

Scott Davis

My Name is Scott Davis a little bit about myself. I’ve pretty much lived in Fort Dodge and ward 1 most of my life. I moved to the west side in 1980. I’m a graduate of Fort Dodge senior high school 1987. I’m currently employed by Elanco animal health. I have worked at the plant since 2008. A little about my family. I’m engaged to Kelly Gilday, she works for One Vision as a supervisor for individuals with developmental disabilities. We each have 2 adult children, my daughter currently lives by Cedar Rapids Ia. My son is in the United States Marine Corp stationed out of air station Miramar. Kelly has twin boys, one is finishing up at I.C.C.C, and the other is a Junior at Iowa State University. My current role at Elanco is I’m in the animal care area. I have been employed with the Labs since 2008. I’m currently the unit chair at the plant for U.F.C.W. local 1155 and executive vice president for the local 1155.

My reason for running for city council ward 1, is that I want to be a voice for the ward, and make sure the people of ward 1 are heard and keep Fort Dodge moving forward.

City Council - sioux City

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy

Murphy has worked for the city for over 30 years and really knows the area as a lifelong resident. He has a common sense approach, is a good listener, and wants to make sure people have a good place to raise a family.

School Board - Sioux City

Margo Cortez

Margo has spent over a decade volunteering for the Westside community of Sioux City, IA. Margo will put the needs of our students and their parents first, and she is completely vested in the success of our schools and students. She brings experience, dedication, and passion to help build a stronger school district. She is a pro-teacher, pro-public school, ready to create stronger ties between the school board and other stakeholders.

School Board - Sioux City

Lance Ehmcke

Lance Ehmcke

Lance Ehmcke wants to ensure every child has a strong educational foundation and will work to see children get opportunities in as many career paths as possible.

School board - sioux City


Semehar Ghebrekidan

I am excited to share my official platform as I run for the School Board. These core principles represent my unwavering commitment to improving our educational system and ensuring a brighter future for all students in our district. Equitable Education Initiative; Special Education Enhancement; Faculty and Staff Support; Transparency and Accountability; Inclusive Environment; Continued Public Service; Parent and Community Engagement.

School Board - Sioux City

Treyla Lee

Treyla Lee

Treyla Priorities:

  • Focus on educational basics
  • Recruit and retain educators
  • Review and improve special education delivery
  • Provide a safe environment for all students

School Board - Sioux City

Earl Miller

Earl Miller

Miller is a Sioux City resident, parent and small business owner. Miller says his campaign will focus on building friendly and functional relationships within the Board that will deliver the results our students, teachers, and families have come to expect of servant leaders in our community.

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